Whistleblowing Policy

With a concrete goal in mind, DOLCE Ltd. will never compromise any disgrace drawn towards our identification. We measure every action and spend a considerable amount of time on questions raised by our diverse pool of clientele. To ensure that our multicultural workforce and international exposure is safeguarded, we have appreciated Anti-Fraud and Deep Throat Policies. Meanwhile, a zero-tolerance approach is contemplated against offenders to protect our doctrine. In addition, such policies are intended to preserve the ethics and the morale of a cooperative working environment.

We extend our credos to be aligned with the root values of our companions. In achieving such objectives, we do endorse your complaints and reports. We acknowledge your concerns and pay ample timespan to study the details of unprofessional formalities, illegal scams and potential misconduct being recorded. 

Every submission relating the information, mentioned above, being reported at info@dolce.com.pk is thoroughly scrutinized and the identity of the reporting individual is kept confidential.